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Email is just one side of the story. With powerful features in the Email PLUS plan, you can take your marketing beyond the inbox to better connect with customers and drive more business.


Automate emails Top Request

Email Marketing Automation keeps you connected to customers without staying tethered to your computer. Put your marketing on autopilot when you set up targeted email series for similar contacts and schedule personalized communications—like birthday and anniversary emails—on a particular date to build stronger relationships.

Start with an email to welcome new contacts

Plus automate a series of personalized messages

Promote events loved by nonprofits and b2bs

Constant Contact’s Eventbrite Integration makes it easy to create professional emails to promote your events, track registrations, send follow up emails, and import registrants as contacts.

Add Eventbrite content into any email template

Plus view event reporting within Constant Contact

Conduct surveys Loved by All

Surveys and Polls make it easy to start two-way conversations with your contacts. Customize your questions and answers to learn what they’re interested in and then target your messages accordingly. Add your logo and colors. Share through email and social media—then track results in real-time.

Start with a survey invitation

Plus gain actionable feedback

Collect donations Loved by Nonprofits

Online Donations raise awareness for an important cause and maximize your organization’s fundraising. Add a Donation Action Block to any email, create a custom, mobile-responsive landing page with secure payment processing, and track donations with real-time reporting. All within your account.

Start with a Donation Action Block on any email

Plus collect donations securely and track progress towards your goal

Offer coupons Retailers Favorite

Coupons are a proven way to drive traffic, build loyalty, increase sales, and get new contacts. Create a mobile-responsive coupon—and share via email or social media—then track when it’s claimed, shared, and redeemed. Incentivize sharing to drive referrals and find new customers.

Start with a promotional email

Plus drive purchases from existing AND new customers

Run events Loved by Nonprofits and B2Bs

Event Marketing enables your business or organization to manage successful events online from beginning to end. Start with a customizable event invitation to promote your event, then take advantage of simple online event registration and seamless event management tools to maximize attendance.

Start with an event invitation

Plus collect and track registration data

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